Escola la Jota

Project Process

Welcome to l'Escola la Jota!

Hello, how are you?

The name of our school is “Escola La Jota”. Our school is in Badia del Vallès, a town near Barcelona. Are you visiting us? :-) In Badia there are lots of people and four schools. In our school there are lots of pupils. We have Smart Boards in the classrooms.

We are 10-12 years old. Xavi, our English teacher, isn’t 10-12 years old ;-), he is 31 years old.

We like sports! At the weekend we play football, tennis, basketball, etc. Our favourite teams are Barça, Madrid and Lakers. At the weekend we ride the mountain bikes.

We like motorbike races, Dakar and Formula1. We like going to the sports centre too.

At the weekend we have lots of homework from all school subjects.

At the S.A.R. (English classroom) we play computer games. We also listen songs and rhymes in English. In the English classroom we participate a lot… Do you have an English classroom? We have an English web too.

We are doing (in 6th form) a project called “lip dub”. The name of the song is “Hey, soul sister”. Do you know the song? When we finish the “lip dub” we will show it to you.

We speak different languages (Catalan, Spanish and English). Do you speak different languages?

We are very beautiful!! ;-)

Adéu-Adiós-Good Bye

5th form A

5th form B

6th form A

6th form B