Riga Centre Language School

Welcome to Riga Centre Language School!

¡Hola!, Hi, Hallo everybody,

Let us present you our school. We’re learning in Riga Centre

Language School. This is one of most popular and modern schools in

Riga, the capital city of Latvia. There are about 800 students in our

school. We have new technology boards, many classrooms so Riga Centre

Language School is quite big school.

Our school has got a very good basketball, swimming and football

team. We’ve got a lot of medals and trophys.

As all of you we are 12 and some 13 years old. We’re learning

English already 6 years. Our teacher Baiba is young and very smart,

but sometimes she is also strict and angry. :)

We like sports and music of course! We play football, basketball

and volleyball like many other children. But that’s not all – we are

big hockey fans. Some of our classmates can play piano and flute.

Actually we like relax too. =)

In English lessons we listen to different conversations, read,

and write a lot. That’s why we are always so tired after school.

However we have good marks in English and we’re proud with it.

In free time we are watching films and listening to music in English.

We like English very much!

Good bye beautiful friends!

With love,

The class 6a