Welcome to Prinseschool.

Hello we are Group 8A of the Prinseschool (The Netherlands)

Thank you for your nice letter and the pictures, it was very nice to read it.
Our school is called Prinseschool it means schools for princes.
Our school is in Enschede its about 2 hours away from Amsterdam.
We are 11 to 13 years old, our teatcher is called Miss Susan, our school has about 500 pupils. We have smart boards too.
Everybody from our class is born in the Netherlands.

We’re going to tell you about our school, and what we’re doing in our class.

We have gymnastics twice a week. We are very sportive. Nearly every child goes to school on a bike in our class. Not with the car. The sports that we play are: soccer, football, hockey, tennis, jiu-jitsu, horse riding, basketball, dancing, baloncesto (we don’t know how to write it in English???) and diving. We eat very healthy. Everyone in our class is very funny. We play games with friends, we play: it your it, hide and seek, we talk a lot on the playground.
Our teacher gives very good lessons!

Everyone can get along with each other. We talk a lot about serious things in the world
without making fun of it. We take mutable things very seriously but yet we are very funny
and love to joke around. If someone has trouble with math or something, we always help each other out. Our teacher makes our lessons very interesting and understandable.
Or classroom is very colourful and bright.

Every afternoon we have this project called  IPC. It’s a important project for our school
And we do a lots of subjects for our project. Now for example, were busy with
brainstorming. We learn about the brain and the mind and how it works.
We consider ‘the little prince’ also a part of IPC because the way it has been designed is the same as IPC.

We like our city’s  footballclub and that is FC TWENTE.
On Sunday they won a very important  football game, they won the KNVB-cup!!!
That is a cup in the Netherlands League. There are very good players in our team!
Last year we were the champions in our league in the Netherlands.

Sometimes we have English lessons  about a song. Our teacher removes a few words from the lyrics and  then we have to write the missing words in the song. Our teacher (Miss Susan) repeats the song two times and at the end we check our answers on the smartboard with the lyrics of the song, its very much fun :-D
We had a rapping course for 3 weeks. We made a song about friendship 3 kids rapped the couplet and the whole class did the refrain. Maybe we can put it on the weblog (-: 

Most of the kids from this class listen to pop music like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc. Here are some songs we like:

Lady Gaga – Born this way
 Bruno Mars – The lazy song
Justin Bieber – Somebody to love
Katy Perry – Fireworks
LMFAO – Party rock anthem
Black eyed peas – Just cant get enough
Rihanna – S&M
Alexis Jordan - Happiness

We are very curious about your music style, maybe you know this song and maybe you will listen to them at home or in your classroom. ENJOY!

We look very different than you.
The most kids of our class have blond hair, and the eyes have light colours like blue and green.
We also have lighter skin as you (you have brown skin because of the very good weather, we have light skin because our weather is mostly very bad) and your hair is brown or black.
Your eyes have dark colours.
But not all of you have a dark skin or dark eyes or black or brown hair.

We speak the Languages: Dutch, English, Twentse (dialect), and some children are speak also a differed language like: Russian ,Ukrainian , Frieze, Afghan, Turkish, Moroccan.

We hope that you now know a little more about the Netherlands, the Prinseschool, and us (group 8A)

And you are right, you are very beautiful. Just like us!

Doei – Goodbye – ajuus, love and kind regards,

Group 8A. (Picture)